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Welcome to The Cheesecakery! 

We proudly serve out of our adorable shop in Madisonville, out and about in our cute food truck and catering for any event big or small like weddings!

Let's Dig Deep Into Our Shop!


  • Over 100 & counting flavors! Oh em yummm!

  • All baked from scratch right here!

  • Sold by the cupcake size, which is all cheesecake!

  • They're $3.50/each no matter the flavor or amount ordered & there's no limit on the amount you can take home and enjoy today!

  • Flavors change daily and sometimes throughout the day, so we don't always post the flavors on our social media or our website

  • Our basic cheesecake batter does not include ingredients containing gluten;however our crusts do. Our cheesecake is not vegan/dairy free.

  • Mini cheesecake cupcakes and cheesecake rounds are only available for advance ordering


  • All pastries made from scratch right here too!

  • Vegan bagels from local bakery 513 Bagel Company, that we use to make some seriously delicious sandwiches! We use oven cooked bacon, fresh cracked eggs,Colby Jack cheese, and more! Nom! And...we're slowly rolling out more options!

  • Rotating selection of cannolis from local bakery Del Gardo's!

  • Rotating selection of curries, soups, chilis and more from local small business

  • Hurry Curry occasionally when they have pop-ups here!

  • Smoothies and smoothie bowls made with real fruit & juice! (vegan upon request)


  • Full-service coffee and espresso bar! Yesss!

  • Coffee and espresso beans sourced from local roasterie La Terza!

  • Classic Italian style espresso drinks, as well as our own handcrafted speciality

drinks & seasonal drinks (check the chalkboard!)

  • Coffee cubes in our iced coffee, so it's never watered down!

  • Syrups all made from scratch, so you'll really taste & enjoy the difference!

  • Milk substitutes for everyone! Oat, soy, almond, coconut, skim, 2%, and whole.

  • Real imported Belgian chocolate in our hot chocolates!

  • Actual loose leaf tea for all our teas (hot or iced!)


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