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Located In Madisonville, Ohio


  • Over 100 flavors & counting! Oh em yummm!

  • All baked from scratch right here!

  • Sold by the cupcake size, which is all cheesecake!

  • They're $4 each no matter the flavor or amount ordered & there's no limit on the amount you can take home and enjoy today!

  • Flavors change daily and sometimes throughout the day, so we don't always post the flavors on our social media or our website

  • Our basic cheesecake batter does not include ingredients containing gluten; however, our crusts do. Our cheesecake is NOT vegan / dairy-free.

  • Mini cheesecake cupcakes and 8" or 10" cheesecake rounds are only available for advance ordering

Pastries & Food

  • All pastries are made from scratch daily too!

  • We shop small & local!! We use Marx Hot Bagel's (in BlueAsh) to make some seriously delicious sandwiches! We use oven-cooked bacon, freshly cracked eggs, Colby Jack cheese, and more! Nommmm! And...we're slowly rolling out more options!

  • Hurry Curry occasionally when they have pop-ups here!

  • Smoothies made with real fruit & juice! (vegan upon request)


  • Full-service coffee and espresso bar! Yesss!

  • Coffee and espresso beans sourced from a local roastery, La Terza!

  • Classic Italian style espresso drinks, as well as our own handcrafted specialty drinks & seasonal drinks (check the chalkboard!)

  • Coffee cubes in our iced coffee, so it's never watered down!

  • Syrups are all made from scratch, so you'll really taste & enjoy the difference!

  • Milk substitutes for everyone! Oat, soy, almond, coconut, skim, 2%, and whole.

  • Real imported Belgian chocolate in our hot chocolates!

  • Actual loose leaf tea for all our teas (hot or iced!) - Also from La Terza!!



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Please keep in mind that we do have hard-of-hearing team members so email is our preferred method of contact. 

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Bake Shop & Coffee Shop
4901 Whetsel Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM 

Saturday 9AM-4PM

Sunday 9AM-4PM

no reservations

Check our social media for special holiday hours


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