Online Ordering Help

Are you having trouble ordering online?
Here are some things that might help! 

-Ordering 72 hours in advance but it's not allowing you to select an earlier time for that day?
Simply select a time & let us know in the comments/notes what time you want to pick up your order. 

- Can't find an item you are looking for? 

If looking for an item under our "Coffee Shop" and it's nowhere to be found, switch over to our "Bakery", you'll likely find it there! 

-Confused about the difference between "Coffee Shop" and "Bakery"? 
Our Coffee Shop Menu is the items we have available on hand every single day! Our Bakery Menu is items that we need time to create and require 72-hour advance notice. They are two different locations. View their individual menus under their tab above.

- Did we not answer your question? 
Please email us at