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Our Story

How it all began
The Cheesecakery Wedding Open House in Cincinnati OH-1925.jpg

Believe it or not, owner Liz never really baked much growing up besides the occasional cakebox mix or  canned biscuits "donuts." Her friend invited her over to bake one day and she was amazed how they created all these different delicious desserts with just a few simple ingredients! She became engrossed with baking and soaked up any knowledge she could get by watching YouTube videos, reading recipes, and attending Wilton classes at the local Michaels Craft stores. 

​Liz was just finishing up her business degree from the University of Cincinnati when 2009 economy crisis hit. With little to no job prospects, she continued to bake for friends and family, until one day her mentor suggested she take her business education and create a baking business! He knew that she was on to something, so she went for it! Her efforts led her to partner with a local ice cream shop where she had her first retail bakery within the ice cream shop. She soon after enrolled in culinary school and completed a Pastry Arts degree from Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State.


She continued operating her business but also worked as a baker and Pastry Chef in various workplaces around Cincinnati. Liz's mother Shirley was operating a food truck serving industrial and construction workers and but was ready to retire, so she asked Liz to take it her business. Liz took up the task and owned and operated that food truck for 3 years. Liz soon realized she had a knack for mobile dining and decided to combine it with her true baking passion, so she created "The Cheesecakery Food Truck!" The Cheesecakery Food Truck was an instant success and Liz knew she would need a bigger kitchen than her current licensed home bakery could keep up with. 

Being a 5th generation Madisonville resident, it was no-brainer that she would open her shop there! Liz found a beautiful and charming location at 4901 Whetsel Ave and opened on July 30th, 2019... National Cheesecake Day! With a new home for The Cheesecakery, growth wasn't far behind. The menu has grown more and more. Always changing to match the season. 


The Cheesecakery has continued to grow and in 2021 alone, they have expanded with a commissary kitchen, indoor dining room, second food truck, expanded catering, and wholesale offerings to several locations around the city! In April 2022, they opened a full-service Bakery right next door to the original location! They expanded the menu again to offer cannoli, tiramisu, cream horns, macarons, and so much more! They have so much more in store for The Cheesecakery and they hope you join and support them in their delicious journey to becoming a Cincinnati destination stop!

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