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About the Company

We handcraft over 75 and counting flavors of cheesecake, that are whimsically named after places you know and love in Cincinnati. We always offer a standard menu of cheesecake flavors, that include our signature flavors, marbles, and candies. We always offer fun sizes, such a cheesecake cupcakes and cheesecake pops. And we offer mini sized too! 

We use real and fresh dairy such as cream, butter, eggs, and cream cheese. We also use real extracts and fresh fruit. We use higher quality ingredients in our fillings and for our toppings, such as fine Belgian chocolate, liquors and spirits, and name brand cookies and candies. We use packaging only made here in the US and we strive to use local ingredients as often as possible.

We offer catering for any of our cheesecakes from our standard menu for special events and parties. Brides & grooms love us at their weddings! We also offer delivery, set-up, and service. 

Who doesn't love our cute little food truck?! You've seen us buzzing around town and at various events and food truck festivals. We almost always have cheesecake cupcakes on the truck and sometimes we will offer some fun cheesecake options (only available on the truck!) such as cheesecake tacos, cheesecake shish kabobs, cheesecake egg rolls, etc. You can also request the truck at your wedding or event! 

And holy cow! Guess what? We now have a bake shop! We had an incredible turn out for our Grand Opening Celebration, where hundreds of friends, family, and guests came to help us celebrate! We officially opened for business on "National Cheesecake Day!" How cool is that?!

Come get your daily fix at 4901 Whetsel Ave, in the heart of the emerging downtown Madisonville.  

Hey! It's me! Your girl Liz Field! Are you ready for some fun?? Ok... here goes! I'm a born and raised Cincinnatian with a huge Italian and German family that settled in Cincinnati way back in the early 1800s. I majored in Business Administration at the University of Cincinnati and Pastry Arts at the Midwest Culinary Institute.

I started the company in 2009, where I originally named it Cincy Sweets. I started by baking anything and everything! I noticed people would go crazy over my cheesecakes and I just loved how creative I could be with cheesecakes. So, I switched gears and changed the business model to become "The Cheesecakery." I have an unapologetically "all hands-on" approach and I love meeting and serving you!

I'm an insanely hard worker and I will do whatever it takes to make sure you're completely satisfied with your fresh and delicious cheesecakes. This business is my complete baby and I really can't wait to share some cheesecakes with you! 


About the Owner