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All online orders are paid in advance so pickup is quick and easy!
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Pick up your order at the Coffee Shop
4901 Whetsel Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227

It generally takes us 15-20 minutes to freshly prepare your order. If the lobby is full, it may take us a little longer. We work on first-come, first-serve. We appreciate your patience!

When you arrive, you will pick your order up in our new sectioned off carryout station that's located to the right of the front door. Don't forget to grab your cold items out of the fridge!

If you do not see your order, we may be still working on it or may need to speak with you if we need to substitute an item that is not available. You do NOT have to get into the walk-in line if you need to speak to one of our team members. Please walk up through the special roped off carry-out line to the side of the display case and we will assist you there!
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Pick up your order at the Bakery
4825 Whetsel Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227

If you order from here, it will take us 72 hours to get your order ready as it will be  made-to-order just for YOU!

When you arrive, come to the register and let one of our friendly team members know the name on the order and we will retrieve it out of the coolers for you!