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The Cheesecakery - BakeryCoffee (1).png

Located In Madisonville, Ohio

4825 Whetsel Ave. Cincinnati, OH 


  • We offer 20+ cheesecake cupcake flavors every day at our Bakery. Everything is made from scratch! Cupcakes are $4.5 each.

  • Everything in-store is first-come, first-serve.

  • Our original cheesecake batter does not include ingredients containing gluten; however, our crusts do, unless purchasing a gluten-friendly cheesecake cupcake. Our cheesecake is NOT vegan/dairy-free.

  • If you'd like specific flavors of our mini cheesecake cupcakes & whole cheesecakes we recommend pre-ordering. (72-Hour Notice Required)


  • The Coffee Bar is open every day inside the Bakery!

  • We serve our popular latte flights here!

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